Our Vision

In a wine industry marked by consolidation and rising prices, we’ve observed a trend that has left consumers feeling excluded from the realm of quality wine. Premium locations worldwide are increasingly sought after, with no sign of price stability in sight. Regrettably, we too experienced the impact of this industry shift.

Originally sourcing Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville during our initial three years, we found ourselves compelled to explore alternative locations in the valley. This strategic move was aimed at ensuring our customers wouldn’t face the burden of exorbitant three-figure wine bottles. The locations we discovered in Yountville, St Helena, and Calistoga not only met our expectations but exceeded them, proving to be truly exceptional.

Nevertheless, our commitment to providing the best fruit remains unwavering, irrespective of style, and we strive to make it accessible to everyone. Operating with razor-thin margins, every ounce of profit is reinvested to guarantee that you receive the finest product from us. We have no overhead costs, and wholesale or restaurant accounts need not apply. This endeavor is our passion, made possible only through the direct support of each of you.

PHILOSOPHY – Each year, our philosophy takes the form of a limited edition collaboration with a different artist; a Volume, a one-off creation, destined to be categorized and never replicated. We firmly believe that every vintage is a unique expression of the craft. Hence, we decided to represent this individuality through distinctive label artwork for each vintage. We reach out to artists whose work we deeply admire, inviting them to contribute as our label artist, changing annually and featured on our limited-numbered production.

Once these bottles are gone, they are gone for good. Never to be reproduced, they stand as a piece of history waiting to be opened, encapsulating time in a bottle. We invite you to savor these unique creations for decades to come.